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Austin Draft Experience

Austin Draft Experience

March 24-26

The Draft Experience (DEX) is the greatest beer league tournament experience in the world.  And it is coming BACK to Austin! Claimed to be the real Music City, the home of the University Texas promises to be a weekend beer leaguers won't soon forget... (or maybe even remember).  Come play some puck, drink some brew, and have a great time with other adult “athletes” from all over North America.

Draft Experience gives you an opportunity to meet new people and caters to players of all skill levels. The draft format ensures teams are evenly balanced so nobody has to worry about rosters, ringers, or subs – everyone just gets to focus on having a good time and playing to the best of their own ability. When the tournament weekend is over, you’ll leave with a bunch of new friends and a sweet jersey that is yours to keep!

We only have room for 78 skaters and 6 goalies. Once the tourney is full it’s full… so if you don’t reserve your spot, you'll have to pray for someone to drop out (won't happen) or wait for the next event. The first people to sign up will also get to help pick the theme, so don’t delay!

Entry Fee




Tournament jerseys & socks to keep

Tournament t-shirt

5 games

Dex Draft Party

1 weekend you won't forget


We don't want to choose your hotels because this is your experience. It doesn't matter where you stay because we will be together all day at the rink anyway. We know that some players like shared accommodations in the most cost friendly hotels they can find. Some beer leaguers like staying alone in more upscale accommodations. Here are a few suggestions for local area hotels close to the rink. 


Chaparral Ice Center @ The Crossover

1717 Scottsdale Dr. 

Cedar Park, TX 78641

10:00 AM TEAM 1 TEAM 2
11:15 AM TEAM 3 TEAM 4
12:30 PM TEAM 5 TEAM 6
1:45 PM TEAM 1 TEAM 3
3:00 PM TEAM 2 TEAM 5
4:15 PM TEAM 4 TEAM 6
5:30 PM TEAM 1 TEAM 5
6:45 PM TEAM 2 TEAM 4
8:00 PM TEAM 3 TEAM 6
9:00 AM TEAM 1 TEAM 4
10:15 AM TEAM 2 TEAM 6
11:30 AM TEAM 3 TEAM 5


Draft Experience Party